Relation Between Workspace Efficiency and Employee Productivity


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No matter which way you look at it, the design of your office space in addition to the amenities it has to offer has an undeniably huge impact on the productivity of your employees as well as the smooth operation of your business. To guarantee that everything in your business is going according to plan, it’s imperative that your employees are made to feel completely comfortable within their work environments in every way imaginable. The setting in which they work as well as the collaborative professional relationships they’re able to form with their colleagues are all essential assets to your business that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Offering your employees a state-of-the-art fully furnished office space for rent is the first step of many when it comes to ensuring their success and by extension, the profitability of your business.

Is There a Relation Between Workspace Efficiency and Employee Productivity?

Absolutely. There’s a significant difference between being forced to work in a drab, tight, lifeless, and windowless environment with a noticeable lack of colour and natural lighting compared to having large windows that allow sunlight to liberally enter into the room and artwork adorning the walls. All it takes is adding a few simple touches combined with an ergonomically correct office setup to help your employees feel more motivated and gain a greater appreciation for their work environment. Studies have demonstrated that workplaces that are well maintained and provide adequate amenities such as relaxation spaces, and professional décor are more likely to have a positive influence on employees and this directly impacts the company at large.

What Makes an Efficient Office Space?

There are a number of essential work space-related factors that can help improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your employees.

Relaxation/Break Area

All standard office spaces are equipped with a designated breakroom, kitchenette, or even just a relaxation area that employees can retreat to on their breaks or to take a five-minute breather if they begin to feel overwhelmed by the pressures of their job. Everyone needs a mental break every once in a while to get their heads back in the game. Having a quiet, scenic, and soothing space where your employees can go to clear their heads throughout the day is an ideal solution to increasing their productivity because they usually return to their work stations feeling refreshed and ready to continue chipping away at their tasks.


Open concept workspaces don’t necessarily have to entirely negate the notion of privacy. Your employees can have the best of both worlds as long as you provide them with a workspace that accommodates their different preferences. Some people are fully capable of functioning amidst a great deal of background noise, while others requires complete silence and minimal disruptions in order to be productive. Everyone’s brain is wired differently and it’s important that as the employer, you provide both options.

High-End Technology

All modern businesses require easy access to tech support, Wi-Fi, computers, phones, and other aspects of technology. In fact, these are all standard fixtures found within office rental agreements. Some landlords, however, might only provide limited access to these amenities and charge overage fees if you exceed them. Doing proper research can help you guarantee that the office rental company you choose will provide sufficient technical amenities to fulfill the needs of your company for a fair price.

Access to Adequate Natural Lighting

Natural lighting has the power to uplift the moods of your employees and make them feel more at ease while they work. It’s also been proven and well documented that natural lighting can have an overwhelmingly positive affect on other parts of their lives. Sufficient exposure to sunlight throughout the day has been linked to improved sleep cycles and brain functions, which is directly correlated with optimal work performance. Employees who are exposed to more natural light than artificial light generally feel more energized and ready to conquer their daily tasks and they’re also less likely to make or overlook mistakes.

Establishing a Positive Work Culture

Reputable workspaces should strive to establish positive work cultures. Ensuring that all office equipment is well-maintained and in proper working order will help to boost the overall culture of an office and develop strong working and collaborative relationships amongst your employees. The end result will be a smooth-running machine with all of the cogs in their respective places. This can easily be accomplished through the use of stylish décor, soothing colour schemes, and by adorning blank walls with beautiful paintings and motivational posters that inspire creativity and thinking outside the box from your employees. The idea is to create a space that’s simultaneously inviting and functional.

Supply Comfortable Office Furniture

The average office employee spends the majority of their eight-hour workday sitting down and working in front of a computer, so it’s highly important to help them maximize their productivity by increasing their level of comfort. Unfortunately, not all office spaces for rent are created equal and only a small minority of them in Mississauga and Ottawa are fully furnished.

Rented office spaces that offer ergonomically correct and stylish furnishings are a huge asset to your company. They can save you a great deal of money when it comes to the cost of transporting your old office furniture to your new location or having to purchase new pieces.

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