These days, being able to work remotely or from the comfort of your very own home office is no longer an unattainable luxury—it’s a reality that many entrepreneurs and startups have brought to fruition for their employees who live and travel abroad. More and more business owners are starting to see the value in allowing their employees to work from home and modern technology has made it possible for a lot of small Internet-based businesses to do this. If you’re constantly travelling for work or meeting with clients at their offices, then one of the many perks that comes with renting a virtual office in Ottawa is that you can literally conduct business from anywhere in the world and still have a reliable, permanent mail forwarding service at your disposal.

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Is It a Good Idea to Use Your Home Address for Your Business?

The short answer is that no, it’s not a good idea to use your home address for your business. Your home is a sacred, personal, and private space. Therefore, it should remain separate from your business operations altogether. Even if you mostly or completely work from home, you should never let your clients become privy to this for the simple reason that it projects an unprofessional image and cheapens the value of your business. Working and answering e-mails or conference calls from home is one thing, but you should establish an image of professionalism.

Part of that means making your clients think that you have an office in a building that you don’t also happen to live in. When it comes to business practices, appearances are nine-tenths of the law and keeping them up means occasionally meeting face-to-face with clients in a beautifully curated and decorated professional office setting. When clients see that your mailing address is a residential address, it gives them the impression that you don’t care enough about your business to rent a real office space and generally, they won’t take you seriously.

Google Maps is an integral tool when it comes to promoting your business online. As clients research your business or key terms that are related to your industry, their main goal is to find services or products that are as close to their current location as possible and Google Maps provides that information. Customers can view vital pieces of information about your company such as your professional address, hours of operation, and how they can contact you. This gives them the impression that you’re a legitimate business that offers the right services and products to suit their needs.

Why You Need a Mailbox Rental Service for Your Business

As a busy business owner, you probably spend a lot of your time travelling for work and don’t necessarily want to worry about whether or not your important parcels or letters are being delivered to the right address. On top of that, you want to make sure that the packages that are sent to your business are properly signed and accounted for upon arrival. Investing in a mailbox rental service as part of a customized virtual office rental package from a company like Innovative Professional Offices gives you the peace of mind you need in knowing that all of your parcels will be properly accounted for and forwarded to you immediately.

How a Mailbox Rental Works for Home-Based or Online Businesses

Mail rental services have an added convenience to them because you’ll always be immediately informed every time a new piece of mail arrives so that you can address it at your earliest availability. As mentioned, most mailing services will also forward any new parcels directly to your personal address if you’re unable to pick them up yourself.

For an hourly charge, you can also gain access to a full administrative staff available for receiving and sending out mail on behalf of your business, complete with shipping labels provided by your company that bare your logo.

You’ll never have to worry about figuring out the correct postage or waiting around for packages that are coming from international locations. Whether you need both incoming and outgoing mail services or would like to register with multiple couriers, renting a mailbox service for your home or Internet-based business is the right choice. The best part is that this particular service is typically included in most physical or virtual office rental packages and you can use the premises whenever you need to for business meetings or other events.

Another reason to have a physical permanent mailing address associated with your business is for legal purposes. Legal paperwork or correspondences can usually only be sent to legitimate business addresses, not personal residences. Having these very important and confidential documents sent to your home address increases the risk of a breach of privacy and security for your business, so it’s better to keep your personal address and business separate. Renting a mailbox service guarantees that only authorized personnel will be allowed to open and view these types of documents. If you choose not to appoint such a person, then these documents will remain sealed until they’re forwarded to you or you’re able to pick them up and open them up yourself.

Any specific instructions you provide for sending and receiving mail on behalf of your business will be stringently adhered to and followed.

Additionally, you have the option of seamlessly upgrading your mailbox rental services to a part-time or full-time office rental depending on the evolving needs of your business. The best part is that you can keep your current business address!

Innovative Professional Offices’ Mailbox Rental Services

At Innovative Professional Offices, we believe in only offering the highest quality services to our clients and that includes extensive incoming and outgoing mailbox rental services. Our professional and highly trained administrative staff will happily sign for packages on your behalf and promptly inform you when important packages arrive. You can also choose to partake in our mail forwarding services or come and pick up the packages at your own convenience. We offer exclusive mail collection and forwarding services that operate daily, twice a week, once a month, or by special arrangement depending on your preferences. To learn more about our mailbox rental services in Ottawa, please contact us today.