Meeting Room Rentals: Choosing the right meeting space for your next training session, conference, or corporate event doesn’t have to be complicated. Between designated business centres and hotels, your options are endless. Selecting the right type of meeting space for your meeting depends largely on your budget, the number of expected attendees, and the amenities you need. If you’re travelling for work, it might seem like renting out the meeting space in your hotel room is the obvious solution, but there are better options out there. When it comes to meeting room rentals vs. hotel spaces, the former makes more sense for a number of reasons.

Meeting Room Rentals vs Hotel Spaces

Why It’s Better to Rent a Serviced Meeting Room Than a Hotel Space

Aside from presenting a professional image to your clients, coworkers, and employees, the objective of every meeting is to discuss important business matters. Certain professional settings provide a better platform to accomplish this goal than others. You need to conduct your meetings in a space that gives you all of the necessary tools for success.

In that sense, serviced office spaces have a lot more to offer than hotel meeting rooms.

Serviced Offices Specialize in Supporting Businesses

Whether you own a small, medium, or large business, serviced offices are often located in or affiliated with official business centres that specialize in helping companies expand their prospects. Every entrepreneur or executive needs support from time to time when it comes to running their business and making it a success.

By renting a meeting space in a designated serviced office, you’ll have access to all of the industry professionals and tools you need to make your business a bona fide success. From providing expert advice on how to set up and run your meeting to providing you with technological and administrative support, serviced office meeting room rentals give you a leg up in your industry.

Hotels Prioritize Their Overnight Guests

Even if you happen to be a guest at the hotel where you want to rent a meeting room, it’s highly likely that the service staff will prioritize the needs of the other guests than the people attending your meeting. Unlike serviced office space rentals, hotels generally don’t provide complimentary refreshments during meetings. Nor do they give you access to necessary technological equipment or supplies you may need during your meeting.

If you need to make a conference call, use a whiteboard, show slides on a projector, or take notes during the meeting, you’re expected to bring your own equipment and supplies or go without. The cost of transporting or purchasing all of this equipment can be astronomical.

The fact is that hotels are inclined to care more about the needs of their guests than accommodating business professionals who are temporarily renting out an office space in their building.

Meeting Room Rentals Have a Lot More to Offer

Since the sole purpose of serviced office rentals is to actually help businesses grow, they can certainly bring a lot more to the table than hotels can. Aside from providing valuable business support, serviced offices also offer state-of-the-art office supplies and equipment to ensure your meetings are productive and meaningful to you your business.

Amenities include IT support, a full kitchenette, a break room, complimentary refreshments, conference calling equipment, high-speed Internet access, high-tech security systems, privacy, and so much more. Plus, you’ll have undisrupted access to a dedicated administrative and support staff. They’ll greet your guests, direct them to the correct meeting room, take calls and messages on your behalf, help you keep your meeting organized, and ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Meeting Rooms Are More Affordable Than Hotel Rentals

Hotels often take advantage of the fact that sometimes business professionals are in a pinch and need to organize last minute meetings. That’s why they charge premium rental fees with very strict cancellation policies.

Serviced office space companies are far more understanding and flexible when it comes to meeting their clients’ needs. With a serviced office space rental, you won’t be bound to a long-term contractual obligation with unreasonable terms and conditions. You have the option of renting on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Meeting Rooms Are More Convenient and Easier to Reserve

Unlike hotels, meeting room rental availability doesn’t depend on the time of year. Peak travelling seasons don’t hamper the availability of meeting room rental spaces. That means you have the freedom and ability to book meeting rooms in serviced office spaces whenever you need them. And the best part is that there’s no minimum number of attendees required.

Since hotel meeting spaces are usually designed for large gatherings, most hotels require that you have a minimum number of attendees—usually about 10 to 20—in order to rent a meeting space. Serviced offices have multiple meeting rooms each of which are designed to accommodate any number of attendees. From small meeting rooms that are fit for 5 to 10 people to large meeting rooms that hold over 30 people, serviced offices give you more options without the hassle.

Meeting Rooms Limit Distractions and Increase Privacy

Hotels lack the professional ambience and access to various amenities and equipment that serviced office space meeting rooms offer by default. Most people automatically associate hotels with being on vacation and this is the wrong mindset to be in when you’re trying to get work done. Also, since hotels typically prioritize guest experiences and service over business professionals, it’s likely that you’ll get the shorter end of the stick.

Hotel meeting rooms lack the privacy and professional atmosphere that comes with renting a serviced office space. Professional serviced office spaces have designated meeting rooms that can be set up according to your specifications to limit distractions and increase privacy and productivity.

Meeting Room Rentals in Ottawa and Mississauga

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